The Li'l Millie Sternwheeler is in Huntington, OR. awaiting restoration. The association would like to have Li'l Millie restored soon, so that everyone can enjoy the beauty of the Hells Canyon. This can only be achieved with your help. In order to pay for needed restorations a new fundraiser is being made available to all who wish to see this sternwheeler up and running on the Snake River very soon.
Full Sheet for $50
1/2 sheet for $25
1/3 sheet for $16.70
1/4 sheet for $12.50 
1/8 sheet for $8.75
Donations may be tax deductible, please contact your tax professional for details.  All donor's names will be permanently written on quilt blocks which will be combined to create a beautiful wall quilt displayed for all to see. For more information contact Bill Burley @ (208) 249-5179 or Steve Stacey at 541-881-7533.
 Donations can be mailed to: 
Snake River Sternwheeler Association
26906 Snake River Road
Huntington, Oregon 97907
or click the donation button below to submit a donation Via PayPal.
Donations may be tax deductible and a receipt will be sent for every donation made, please contact your tax professional for details. In addition your name will appear on a quilt block.
Sternwheeler Quilt
Sternwheeler Quilt
Make a Donation to Help buy the Marine Plywood, and your name will be added to this beautiful quilt that will be displayed in Li'l Millie.
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