The Snake River Sternwheeler Association is a non-profit corporation comprised of many volunteers and partners and donors working to restore a small Sternwheeler named “Li’l Millie”.  “Li’l Millie”, built on the east coast, will bring back to life the legacy of her older sisters, “Shoshone”, “Norma” and “Mabel” and stir the hearts of the men and women who dream of navigating the uncharted waters of yesteryear.  These three steam-driven sternwheelers churned the Snake River above Hell’s Canyon beginning with “Shoshone” in the 1860s and ending with “Norma” and “Mabel” in the 1890s.  Each boat has its own history as colorful as the era it served.
Li’l Millie will not run the untamed rapids of the Snake River like her big sisters, but once restored, she will be able to provide tours into the southern entrance of the Hells Canyon Recreation Area beginning at Farewell Bend State Park.  Passengers will be able enjoy the unchanged beauty of 5,000 foot mountains towering above the river as well as the abundant wildlife and birds.  History will come alive around every bend.  We also look forward to providing tours up river to Weiser and beyond.  The many Islands will once again stir the imagination of old and young alike.
The association meets in Huntington the first Wednesday of each month at Howell’s café at 6:30 p.m. Pacific time.  Meetings are open to the general public.  The association is currently governed by Chairman/ treasurer Bill Burley (retired Union Pacific R.R.), Co-chair Steve Stacy (owner of the Snake River Garage in Huntington), Secretary Sherry Mezzie (Janitorial Services Huntington), along with Board Members, Eileen Driver (Durkee Oregon), Dave Silva, (Owner of Cat fish Junction RV Park) and Charlie Simpson (Huntington Mayor).  Many friends, partners and curious individuals attend the meetings and we encourage audience participation. 
“Li’l Millie” is relying on tax deductible donations, volunteers and partners to get her back on the water.  Our goal is to have her up and running very soon, with YOUR HELP WE CAN DO IT!
For more information about the Snake River Sternwheeler Association contact Bill at 1-208-249-5179. bill_burley@hughes.net don’t forget the underscore ( _ )  between bill and burley.
Donations may be tax deductible, please contact your tax professional. A receipt will be sent for every donation made. In addition your name will be added to a quilt that will be diplayed in Li'l Millie.
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